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  • Copper Fish can pop out its fin to use as a boomerang, and can stun enemies with weak eletric shocks. It can also control electric currents.
  • Coal Fish operates the Pressure Cooker, which can make good food and also functions as an emergency explosive. Can self-combust.
  • The Iron Fishes use terrakinesis to crush opponents.
  • Stone Fish also uses terrakinesis.
  • Golden Fish creates blinding flashes of light
  • Lapis Fish operates the Pressure Washer to stop flame wars. It can also use hydrokinesis.
  • Amethyst Fish tosses amethyst throwing knives.
  • The Quartz Fishes generate quartz pillars.
  • Diamond Fish has a back-mounted rapid-fire diamond-shooting fivecannon.
  • Pearl Fish has a Vacuum Cleaner and can use hydrokinesis.
  • Emerald Fish throws mist-releasing emeralds.
  • Ruby Fish throws rubies similarly to Emerald Fish, but they're stronger and release mist on impact.