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Custom information
Custom 1My favorite fish are Copper Fish, Emerald Fish, Lapis Fish, Redstone Fish, Apple Fish, Banana Fish and Ruby Fish.
Custom 2Thanks for giving me Emerald Fish gifts! I have two of them :) You can give me gifts! I will accept any gift, but not a Friday Night Funkin' gift or a Smurf gift.
Custom 3Make sure to check out my Wiki userpage! You can get to it by clicking the link "Wiki Userpage" bellow my username.
Custom 4My most favorite dog breed is a Border Collie. Unfortunately, my parents will not let me have any.
Other information
MoviesSecret Life of Pets, Secret Life of Pets 2, Harry Potter
MusicWoot, Lazy Linkwork, Fusion Tranquility, Growing, Banana Moderation
BooksHarry Potter
Video gamesMinecraft, Minecraft Pocket Edition, Roblox, Swimmy Mineral Fish
DrinksNormal water, Juice (sometimes)
Personal information
OccupationThe Mineral Fish mod
WebsitesWebsite: i will make a new one

YouTube channel: My newest YouTube short:

Places I have livedSlovakia
About meI work on the Mineral Fish mod, and I do Scratch Projects. I also have a YouTube channel. I make wooden Mineral Fish with the help from my grandfather. My most favorite fish is Emerald Fish. I also take photos of my in real life fish.