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Old wiki[edit]

Jacky one day decided to make a wiki about Mineral Fish. He made it on Fandom, a free wiki farm that, unfortunately, had ads. After he made it, he was not sure, if he could post the link to it. However, LandonHarter told Jacky to post the link. He posted it. The wiki was upgrading more and more, and it earned badges. The first fan-made fish started to appear. Suddently, on June 21 in 2021, gge posted on the forums a message, saying that the Fandom wiki was deleted.[1]

Creation of The Mineral Fish Wiki[edit]

After the Fandom wiki getting deleted, the Mineral Fish fans were sad. But Jacky did not gave up. He requested this wiki to be made on Miraheze, a free wiki farm that even supports the Vector skin. Jacky then posted a link to the forums.[2] Everyone moved to this wiki and started making the Fish articles. The wiki started to grew up, with more and more people comming.

New wiki features[edit]

The wiki was quite big, and Jacky was really happy.

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