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The Mineral Fish Invade the TBGs was a concept for a Mineral Fish movie.

Story[edit | edit source]

Many different concepts exist for the movie. The five concepts may have been meant to be separate movies.

A # indicates the concept is unfinished.

Marc's Concept [1][edit | edit source]

In Marc92020's Concept, Redstone Fish was sleeping, and got a great idea when he was sleeping; to go to the TBGs and explore it. When Redstone Fish wakes up, he tells the other Mineral Fish about his amazing idea. They start building a portal, and soon enough, the portal is finished. They go inside the portal, and the first place they go to is -gge's profile to get (Scratcher)Jack to help the Mineral Fish get inside the TBGs without getting a block. Then, they use the portal to get to the land of the TBGs. So (Scratcher)Jack brings some Anti Minernite for the Mineral Fish to jump into and enter the TBGs. After the Mineral Fish and (Scratcher)Jack get passed the gate, (Scratcher)Jack pours Mifernite on the Fish so they could become the Mineral Fish again. After, they see 3 islands, but they don't know which one to go in, so they go to Marc92020's profile and get Marc92020. Then they go back to the TBGs and Marc92020 helps them pick the correct island to go to. So then, The Mineral Fish, (Scratcher)Jack and Marc92020 don't know what topic to go to. (Scratcher)Jack says that they should go to the "If this gets a Post ID of 16384, we advance!" topic. Once they got in the "If this gets a Post ID of 16384, we advance!" topic, The TBGers start asking for access via some interpretation of an account to the Mineral Fish and start a giant Twitter-like argument against Marc92020 and (Scratcher) on TBG forums vs. Scratch forums. Then, Jacky finds the portal when entering the TBGs and finds The Mineral Fish, Marc92020 and (Scratcher)Jack, but he sees that (Scratcher)Jack and Marc92020 are being kidnapped by the TBG moderators! Now, its up to Jacky and The Mineral Fish to save Marc92020 and (Scratcher)Jack. Then, some TBGers find the Mineral Fish and start throwing Report Bombs at them! But,Copper Fish uses his boomerang to project the report bombs back to the TBGers! So then they got reported and Jacky and The Mineral Fish continued the rescue. But, because the Report Bombs are Report Bombs, some mods come from a Police car, and start attacking the Mineral Fish and Jacky, and sadly, The Mineral Fish and Jacky got captured and got taken to the Mute Zone, where muted users are, and Jacky and The Mineral Fish won't be let out of the jail cell in the mute zone for 24 hours. A few minutes later, Jacky gets a ransom text message on his phone, and it read "Dear Jacky and the smelly Mineral Fish, your friends (Scratcher)Jack and Marc92020 are being held hostage by ■■■■■■! (The Name was Censored in the Text Message) If you don't save them in 48 hours, (Scratcher)Jack and Marc92020 will be oofed and you guys will be in the mute zone forever! That means you will be permanently IP Banned/Blocked! HAHAHAHA!!!". Luckily, Jacky finds a vent at the top of the cell, and Jacky and The Mineral Fish go in it. They are able to make their way to the homepage, and see Source Island, one of the 3 islands. Sadly, only members of the TBG team can go in it. The Mineral Fish and Jacky find the sea way, a path to source island that nobody on the TBGs, not even the TBG team knows about. They go through it, and make it to the entrance, but they can't get passed the gate, so they have to find another way to get inside source island. Luckily, Ender Fish comes up with an idea: He tells Jacky and The Mineral Fish to get on his back, which Jacky and The Mineral Fish is a strange request at first, but one fish (identity up for debate) realises why, and once they get on, they use portee to teleport past the gate and into Source Island. Once they are inside Source Island, They find thousands of folders, but they don't know which one Marc92020 and (Scratcher)Jack are in. But then, Firefighter Fish finds a folder with a fire drawing on it, which he thinks is an actual fire, so he starts spraying it with his hose. While FF Fish was spraying the folder, Emerald Fish was able to see words saying "Kidnapped", and tells everyone that he thinks thats where Marc92020 and (Scratcher)Jack are. But once all the Mineral Fish and Jacky are in that folder, there are words above the word "Kidnapped" that spelt "Entering this room will get you". So Jacky sees some fruit punch stains on a jacket, and before Jacky and The Mineral Fish notice, some mods are behind them! They almost get kidnapped, but The Mineral Fish and Jacky use their powers to defeat the mods. After defeating the mods, they continue to walk in the room, but then get shot by a tranquilliser gun! The owner kidnaps the fish but a brainwashed Anaya kidnaps Jacky. When The Mineral Fish and Jacky wake up, they find themselves in the owners office, and they see Marc92020 and (Scratcher)Jack! Jacky and The Mineral then realize they are held hostage too, and they see an admin about to push Marc92020 and (Scratcher)Jack into a volcano! But suddenly, Anaya donkey kicks the admin and saves (Scratcher)Jack and Marc92020! After that, The TBG Team starts aiming laser guns at The Mineral Fish, (Scratcher)Jack, Marc92020 and Anaya. Suddenly out of nowhere, Emerald Fish comes and starts attacking the TBG Team! Then, The Mineral Fish, (Scratcher)Jack, Marc92020 and Anaya escape Source Island. But, there is now an angry mob made entirely of the TBG team and all the TBGers! The Mifernians get back into the portal and goes back to the Mifernian Republic. But the TBGs find the portal and get into the Mifernian Republic! Then, a big battle between the Mifernians and The TBGs happens. Fortunately, The Mifernians Won! And the TBGers and TBG Team learned never to mess with the Mifernians like that again.

Landon's Concept[edit | edit source]

Landon's Old Concept #[edit | edit source]

In Landon's Concept, the TBGs are another universe entirely, in which everyone is welcome, even fish. Copper "Tickee" Fish and Apple "Whatchee" Fish discover a portal, causing their curiosity to get them blasted into the TBGs. In the TBGs they are met by the TBG Team, who tell them about the world & let them head home. When the Kumquat Kingdom finds out, the kumquats steal some mifernite and begin producing a kumquat-loyalty compound, which was used on Emerald "Plagee" Fish a few days later, turning him into Ticket "Pluoveree" Fish. Pluoveree attacked the Mifernian Republic, but ended up getting hosed down & transformed back into Plagee.

In response to these threats, and potentially more to come, Magma Block "Mayami" Fish decides to take a long shot & reach out to the inhabitants of a shady country, who have been known to posses a powerful weapon. However, she ends up getting captured. Orb "Mutenee" Fish returns to rescue her & intentionally gets himself captured. Mayami escapes & Mutenee stays behind to show off his weapon, the Babinator.

Landon's New Concept #[edit | edit source]

Landon's New Concept is in the works

Twilight's Concept #[edit | edit source]

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In Twilight's Concept, the movie begins with the Mineral Fish chilling in the Mifernian Republic and then cuts-scenes to the Kumquat Kingdom royal palace's throne room, while Kumquat King is looking at something, one of his ministers come up to him and ask what is KK looking at, KK replies with "A little something I stole from one of our allies." Kumquat King shows the minister a portal gun, the minister looks at the PG, very surprised. "Don't tell anyone this, but I stole this portal gun from The Pookles Plains recently." KK smiles wickedly at the gun.

It cut-scenes to the Mineral Fish having fun on a beach in the Mifernian Republic, KK is on a cliff, right above the beach, he summons a portal, right below the (official) Mineral Fish and others(-gge, jacky and marc). They get sucked into it. "Hope y'all will enjoy the Wonderer Land!" he screams. KK, however was very bad at operating the portal gun, so the Mineral Fish get sucked into the TBGs instead. The Mineral Fish land on a cliff and look at three islands. "We' the TBGs." Lapis "Iragee" Fish says. KK, then summons another portal, to suck the remaining fish in. Magma (Block) "Mayami" Fish and Nausicaä "Nausicaä" Fish get sucked into the portal. The place wasn't the Wonderer Land, it was somewhere else. They collect their stuff and look for help. But someone traps the duo in a net, screaming "TRESPASSPERS!". It cut-scenes to the portal behind the Mineral Fish disappearing, leaving them stranded on the TBGs. -gge mentions the only way to get out is to get TBGer status and enter the admin panel room, which had a portal control system, unfortunately, it was guarded by TBGers and mods. It cut-scenes to Mayami and Nausicaä looking at the ruler of the strange place, who called himself 'Kilmage'. Kilmage realises that the fish are one of the creations of Twilight, an admiral of his arch nemesis, TRM. Twilight had made a weapon that was stronger than the Ink Blade, the All-Elemental Katana. (If you read Kilmage's backstory project, you'll find out that only a weapon as strong or stronger than the Ink Blade could kill Kilmage). Kilmage threatens Mayami to give information about the All-Elemental Katana. Mayami didn't know about the katana, so she tried to convince him that she never heard about the weapon, but unfortunately, Kilmage didn't buy it, so he tortures Mayami till she gives info about the weapon, which she didn't have. It cut-scenes to Orb "Mutenee" Fish and Cake "Cakee" Fish planning about how to rescue the fish. Mutenee builds a portal with the portal KK made. After the portal is complete, Cakee and Mutenee jump in. It then cut-scenes to the Mineral Fish escaping a TBGer throwing cheesy images at them, Iragee washes it down with the Lapis Pressure Washer, but it is running out of water. Someone shoots a ban arrow at Iragee, but Redstone "Cusee" Fish sucks the arrow and the TBGer up with the Redstone Vacuum Cleaner. One of the TBGers witnessing the action had reported it to a bunch of mods. The mods come and capture the Mineral Fish. It cut-scenes to Mutenee and Cakee entering the strange land, to rescue any fish who got sucked into the portal. Using his weapon, the Babinator, Mutenee and Cakee enter Kilmage's Empire.

Kilmage was relentless, he wasn't believing Mayami. "I love seafood." he said. "I don't recommend eating me-" Mayami said, before the mysterious figure who had trapped them in the net came rushing in and screaming "BOSS, WE HAVE TRESPASSSERS, AGAIN!". Kilmage sighed, before asking who it was. "I don't know they are, but one of them looks like a fish made out of cake and the other one black and a glowing pink?" said buhburg.

"Cakee and Mutenee?" "What the hell are they doing here?!" Mayami yelled.

"I think it might be some of your fish friends." "More seafood, I guess!~" said Kilmage, wickedly grinning at the two fish.

"This is gonna be fun!~" the mysterious figure, who called himself 'buhburg' said.

It cutscenes to the Mineral Fish trapped in the TBGs jail cellar.

"How do we get out?!" Emerald "Plagee" Fish asked.

"Well, I have a contact with a professional hacker, who can help us get out of this place." said Golden "Tailee" Fish, who quickly opens his phone.

"Really?" All the other fish ask.

"Yes, I just have to pay them a bit, and they'll help us get out." replied Tailee.

"I don't have a good feeling about this..." murmured Cussee.

It cutscenes back to Kilmage and Mayami. She deletes the net which was trapping herself. Both the fish make a run for Nausicaa's jet-glider, but Kilmage had rigged it with explosives

and destroys the jet-glider. Mutenee and Cakee break in, but Kilmage uses a spell that sends the duo flying back far away from TGAS.

Mutenee was alright, but Cakee was injured, so Mutenee opens a portal and sends Cakee back to the Mifernian Republic, even though Cakee hesitated at first.

Mutenee uses the Babinator to enter back inside the TGAS base.

It cutscenes back to the Mineral Fish in the TBGs jail.

"Newest member: Blackrose" said the newest member page.

A mysterious and tall hooded figure fight off the jail guards with a black katana and enters the jail.

They find the Mineral Fish and Tailee gives the hacker the money.

"Gee, Tailee, that's a lot." whispered Plagee.

"Be careful, this will only stay open for 10 minutes." said the hacker, who opens up their phone, and suddenly, the jail disappears.


The Mineral Fish make a run for the admin room.

Jacky's Concept #[edit | edit source]

Emerald Fish was chilling out with Copper Fish and Lapis Fish. They were talking to each other. "So, are you slowly healing?" asked Lapis Fish. "Yeah." said Emerald Fish. All of a sudden, Copper Fish saw some flash lights outside. "Fishes, look! There's some flashlights! Maybe one of the fishes need help!" said Copper Fish. The fishes went outside, and they found Apple Fish and Banana Fish. "We did it!!! We found a portal to the TBGs!!!" yelled Apple Fish excitingly. "W-w-what are TBGs?" asked Lapis Fish. "The TBGs are a Text Based Games Forums. There are users, who play these games on the forums." answered Banana Fish. "Oh." said Lapis Fish. "Come!" called them Apple Fish. "Yeah, but let's wait for the Redstone Fish." said Copper Fish. After a long waiting, the Redstone Fish came. "Come!" called them Banana Fish. The fishes jumped to the portal. All of a sudden, they were in the TBGs. "YAAAAAAAY!!!" got excited Apple Fish and Banana Fish and they tapped. "But what we are gonna do here?" asked Lapis Fish. "You don't know?" asked Banana Fish. "We're gonna invate the TBGs, and make it a MFHP!" said Apple Fish. "What in the world is MFHP? Is it Mineral Fish Harry Potter?" asked Emerald Fish. "No, it's a Mineral Fish Hangout Place!" responded Apple Fish, and laughed. All of a sudden, they saw a guy, with a black hood and glowing red eyes. "Oh no fishes. That's AwesomeTBGer303 . Jacky calls him the 'most wicked TBGer." said Apple Fish.

Dragon Egg Fish's Concept #[edit | edit source]

While Ultsppi (solitaire) was like “TBGing” around, he suddenly saw a signature (Orb Fish’s) he rushed to the official Scratch studio. comes with the fish and (almost) invades the TBGS. However, PkmnQ noticed, sends anti-mineral fish stuff on the rules of Weirdland topic, such as “Mineral Fish should be banned from Weirdland”, “So as mifernite” and goes on. The moderators also noticed, one moderator decided to ip ban them and another one said that it was a joke, it’s just too random. However, the 2nd moderator was right, “They aren’t going to actually invade the TBGS, are they?” Though it might be real, who knows? Byron also said to IP ban Orb Fish; again, who knows if it’s a joke? The TBGers were complaining on one thing, a signature.

Gilbert's Concept[edit | edit source]

On this movie script draft, the TBGs could be represented in 2 ways. One is like Landon's, where the TBGs lies on a different universe. The second one, which is my version, is the TBGs used to be a part of the Scratch Forums, however, it broke up and separates into an "island" called "The TBG Island". Either way, -gge than discovered the TBGs, goes to the TBGs, and become a resident of the TBGs.

After -gge published his findings, The Mineral Fish thought about going to the TBGs. They made a poster about it, which looks like the movie trailer image. -gge heard the plan, mistakenly thought it as a raid, and notified the TBGers about it.

The first fish to go is Copper Fish. It got a warm welcome, but after being warned by -gge, some TBGers started to panic. They thought Copper Fish marks the start of the raid. Their panic got worse once Emerald Fish joined. They began to ask about the fish and their traits. They also become more cautious with new users, thinking it might compliment the raid. Users like CST1229 and Marc92020_TBG got "interrogated" as soon as they joined, thinking they also bring up the raid.

It is after this moment that the fear of the possible raid died down. The movie could end here, with a sequel about the raid "reminder" by Orb Fish and Dragon Egg Fish.

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TonyBrown148‘s concept: They did not.
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PkmnQ's concept: one of them arrived and left and then nothing for a few hours and then another one of them arrived and left and then nothing for a few hours and then another one of them arrived and left and then nothing for a few hours and then another one of them arrived and left and then nothing for a few hours and then another one of them arrived and left and then nothing for a few hours and then another one of them arrived and left and then nothing for a few hours and then another one of them arrived and left and then nothing for a few hours and then another one of them arrived and left and then nothing for a few hours and then another one of them arrived and left and then nothing for a few hours and then another one of them arrived and left and then

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