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These are the rules that you need to follow on this wiki.

  1. Follow Scratch's Community Guidelines.
  2. Don't vandalise pages.
  3. Don't be mean to, insult, or do things that very much annoy other people (e.g calling them little children)
  4. No distribution of tickets.
  5. Don't get mad if someone omits your favourite fish.

Rules to follow as an admin

  1. Follow all the rules above
  2. Don't protect pages about fish, or anything else (protecting your wiki userpage is fine)
  3. Don't abuse your powers, like warning people for no fault of theirs.
  4. Don't block for people for doing one bad thing or without prior warning.


If you break a rule, you get a warning on your talk page. If you break multiple rules, you get a warning for each rule broken. If you get 3 alerts, a feature will be disabled for you. If you get 5 warnings, you will be banned (duration of ban is picked by staff). If you're an admin and hit 5 warnings, you'll be depromoted and if you hit 10 warnings as a former administrator, you'll be blocked/banned. (duration is picked by staff) If you are known to cause truoble in mineral fish, your amount of warnings will be lower, but we will never issue an instant block.