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Phantom Membrane Fish is a fanmade Mineral Fish. It was made by Scratch user roketH77 and is their first fish.


The Phantom Membrane fish was given a role by Unithlees3 to welcome New Scratchers to the forums. An example of what they would say is this:

New Membrane Fish.png Phantom Membrane Fish says: “Hi! I’m Phantom Membrane Fish and I welcome people to Scratch! My friends the Mineral Fish help keep the forums safe in a multitude of ways!”


Phantom Membrane Fish is a phantom membrane, an item used to repair elytras that can drop from phantoms.


Phantom Membrane Fish’s voice is yet to be revealed


  • Phantom Membrane Fish appears in one of the alerts.

New membrane fish big.png This article is about a new fish.
There won’t be much info about this fish, so you can wait
for more info to be released to help.



Really tho there's not much info
-- Nirronpants (talk) 14:03, 25 March 2022 (UTC)

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