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2021[edit source]

April[edit source]

April 7[edit source]

Copper Fish was created

April 9[edit source]

The First Copperfish.png Copper Fish says:

post was created

April 12[edit source]

User potatophant bumped the Minecraft Topic with a post saying "[commence -gge bumping procedures here]"

April 13[edit source]

Coal, Amethyst, Quartz, Ancient Debris, and Netherite Fish were created

May[edit source]

May 13[edit source]

-gge made The mineral fish topic

June[edit source]

June 6[edit source]

JackyBorderCollie discovered Mineral Fish

June 13[edit source]

Unithlees3 discovered mineral fish

June 18[edit source]

The mineral fish topic reach 10 pages

June 21[edit source]

The mineral fish topic reach 20 pages

July[edit source]

July 17[edit source]

The mineral fish topic reach 100 pages

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