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The Mifernian Republic Radio project makes it possible for people who don't live in Mandarok to listen to Mifernian Republic's radio stations.

List of stations[edit]

These are the frequencies where is something being broadcasted:

  • 92.40 Mineral Fish Soundtracks
  • 91.70 Copper Fish Singing (it has weak signal, but it's being broadcasted too)
  • 99.20 Mineralia
  • 100.40 FNF Soundtracks
  • 105.65 E

Mineral Fish Soundtracks[edit]

Mineral Fish Soundtracks is known as the best Mineral Fish Soundtrack station. It broadcasts only Mineral Fish Soundtracks. Currently, they broadcast Banana Moderation, Coal Fish soundtrack and Growing.

Copper Fish Singing[edit]

Copper Fish Singing broadcasts a song of Copper Fish singing. No one knows who or where in Mandarok it is broadcasted.

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