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LF-80 (abbreviation of LunchFrequency-80) (known also as Lunch MFRN Station) is a station on the MFRN radio band in Mandarok. Its frequency is 2800, and it mostly brodacasts fake static. The station started broadcasting on March 23.

First recording[edit]

The first ever recording is named itafterme.mp3.[1] It was recorded by a labrador dog named Riva Rivičková.[2] The recording starts with a beep, followed with a long buzzing sound in the background and some footsteps. After the footsteps, a sound of spoon bumping on a plate can be heard, followed by ambience from outside. At 2:04, sounds of water can be heard. At 2:26, the recording of the ambience & the dish sounds suddently stop. At 2:29, a voice of a kid can be heard. At 2:33, a distorted whistling can be heard. The whistled song is very identical to Twinkle Twinkle little star. At 2:57, the whistling stops, at 3:03, the ambience also stops, and the only thing that can be heard is MFRN static. At 3:04, phone beeps suddently start.

Official broadcasts[edit]

The lunch sometimes broadcasts news or other Lunch releated stuff on LF-80. On 14th May, a news broadcast occured on LF-80, and on 15th May, a broadcast of something named Lunch Lounge occured.

Unofficial/Unusual broadcasts[edit]

LF-80 gets hijacked very often, and random stuff is played on the station. The first hijack of LF-80 was The rhythm of the Night by Corona playing on LF-80.[3] This gave the others member of the Mineral Fish fandom an idea to hijack the station with a MFRN transmitter and play random stuff on it. Most hijacks were done by JackyBorderCollie.

Station power[edit]

LF-80 has a low station power, resulting in easy hijacking with just an MFRN transmitter.


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  3. Recording of LF-80 being jammed with Rythm of the Night by Corona https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Usmbwv4aQGWstoIrKaZoNaPrS-jbuT1N/view?usp=sharing

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