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This page documents a good amount of the history of the Mineral Fish.

Before Copper Fish[edit]

The image that caused Copper Fish's creation.

On March 25, 2021, user @gosoccerboy5 created the first "claim your ticket" post.[1] 3 days later, another ticket post was made by them.[2]. On April 7, when snapshot 21w14a released, user LandonHarter made a post[3] with an image referencing popular online video game Among Us about how Raw Salmon resembles Raw Copper.

Copper Fish's original creation and role[edit]

A day later, the image was reposted by LandonHarter as a response to users mysterious-neutron and -gge posting about how they first thought Raw Copper was a salmon thing. This image resulted in the creation of Copper Fish, the original Mineral Fish.[4]
2 days later, a quote chain about Minecraft YouTuber FitMC was happening.[5] The first "copper fish says" post was made in response to the quote chain.[6] Shortly after, gosoccerboy5 made another post about tickets. Another "copper fish says" post was made in response to this, also establishing Copper Fish's hate for ticket distributors.

The other Mineral Fish's creation[edit]

on April 12, user potatophant bumped the Minecraft Topic with a post saying "[commence -gge bumping procedures here]", in reference to -gge bumping topics sometimes derailing the topic/making quote chains[7][8]. -gge later replied to this with 6 of the original Mineral Fish, specifically Copper, Iron, Golden, Lapis, Diamond and Emerald Fish[9]. The rest of the original fish were created later. A reply to this post by user dinoqueen ended up being the 1000th post on the topic.[10]
The next day, on April 13, potatophant made another post referencing -gge bumping topics, saying "yes or -gge will bump all your topics"[11]. -gge later replied to this with (almost) all 12 fish. The new fish were Coal, Amethyst, Quartz, Ancient Debris, and Netherite Fish. Emerald Fish was accidently excluded in this post [12].



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