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Copper Fish Has Time Machine is a story of Copper Fish and an unnamed person using a time machine and going through time. Each part of the story was released on the Mineral Fish Scratch Forum thread in a screenshot of the story being written in a text editor running under various older versions of Microsoft Windows.

Part 1[edit source]

The original Part 1 image
Part 1 was written by JackyBorderCollie in Windows 1.01.

Its another normal day!


uhhh... copper fish?

OOH (yes)

b-b-b-ut y-you e-exist i-in 2021...

OOH IIH EEH AAH (yes, i sure do, but i have a time machine)

WOW! That's awesome! Can I travel to the future?

00H WOH EEH AAH (sure, but make sure your future self won't see you)

Alright! Bring it on!

•pushes the time machine•

OOH OOH OOH (here, but be fast)

Sure I'll be! WEEEEEEEE!

Traveling to the future...

Part 2[edit source]

The original Part 2 image
Part 2 was written by TheGlassPenguin in Windows 3.1.

*magic portal opens, and time machine falls from the sky*

Where are we? Great. We're not in the future.

Can we try again?

EEEEEE! OOHH! (The clock in this thing is B R O K E N !)


*Copper Fish picks up a conviently placed water bottle and y e e t s at the time machine*


It's.... working!

OOH AAHH! (Get in! Hopefully it actually works this time!)

Part 3[edit source]

The original Part 3 image
Part 3 was written by JackyBorderCollie in Windows 2000.

*2000 windows startup sound*



No worries! They made it safely back to the ground!

uhh... This definitely seems, well, different, than the old 1.0 that I have lived.

OOOH OOH UUH EEH AAAH AAAAH! !! (this can't be possible! the time machine broke again!)

W-w-what?! what do we do now?!

OOH OOH IIIH AAAAAH! (we need to go and find some fuel!)

Hey, Copper Fish! Do you see that thing there? And, what's that text?! It's new, nice, great, and... without pixels!

OOH UUH AAH (that's arial font)

oh! Arial is such a nice font! wait, what does it read?

"All you need is here!"

OOH IIH (perfect!)

Ima go to it!

*mega jump*

Here! Take this Fuel Can before it is too late to return!

OOH!! EEH UUH AAAH!!! (thanks!! now i can finally refuel the time machine!!!)

Let's jump in! I wanna see the modern days when Mineral Fish exist!

OOH! AAH EEEH! (alright! let's jump in!)



windows 2000 user: Hey! Come back! what you were doing in my computer?!

Part 4[edit source]

The original part 4 image

Part 4 was written by TheGlassPenguin in Windows 10.

*another magic portal opens, and time machine comes up from out of the ground*

Is this...the future?

OOH! (yes!)!

Hey! Look! In the background! The Mineral Fish!

EEE! OOHH! (Yep! and there's Scratch, this text editor, your future self...)

Wait..MY FUTURE SELF? AAH! *hides behind the time machine*

EEE (move along now, nothing to see here...)

OOH (they're gone now)


Error: Drive C: is full. Older objects and files will be automatically deleted in 5 minutes.

EEP! I'm an older object!

OOHHHI (Quick! Get in!)

IIH (There's some fuel left to at least get us back to Windows 3.1...)

Traveling back through time...

Part 5[edit source]

The original Part 5 image
Part 5 was written by JackyBorderCollie in Windows 3.1

*computer beeping*

W-w-where are we???

OOH UUH IIH? (i... i don't know?)

You don't know??? What now???

OOH UUH UUH (we need to find a way back)

Aren't we in the future?

OOH EEH (no, we aren't)

Should I find fuel for the machine???

OOH OOH (no)

What then?

OOH OO EEEH AAAAAAAH UUUH (You must find a part of the machine to fix it. It broke)

Ohh, I get it! So, where can I find parts?

OOH UUUH AAAAH (use that VHS camcorder over there, zoom it in, and then film the land.)


*grabs the camcorder*

Time to record!

*spinning around*

Copper Fish, I'm done!

OOH OH OOOOH! (great! Let's watch it!)

*inserting VHS tape*

Did you saw something?

OOH! EEH EEEH AAH IIIH O00H! (yes! there is the lost part!)

Alright, let's fix the machine!

*after they added the lost part*

OOH! EEH OOH UUHH! (alright! it's fixed, jump in!)


Windows 3.1 user: Hey! Why you came to my computer without asking! And, return me my VHS camcorder!

Part 6[edit source]

The original Part 6 image
Part 6 was written by TheGlassPenguin in MS-DOS EDIT.

*Computer boots up and time machine appears*

OK, what time period are we in?

IHH (I don't know, I only see a whole lot of black out the window..)

Well, it doesn't look like Windows 1.0 to me. It also doesn't look like we're out of fuel or missing any pieces.. so, what happened?

OOH AHH! (I think..we overshot the time period. My math might be wrong..*looks at chalkboard with all sorts of complex math written on it* WE'RE IN MS-DOS!)

Crrreaak! C r A s H ! WOAAH-OOF!

EEH! (The Time Machine fell on its side! We're gonna have to get outside and push it upright!) *Copper Fish and the person get out of the machine*

1...2...3...PUSH!! Creeeaaakkk!

OOH ! (I think you can see, but the machine is upright) *Copper Fish and the person get back inside*

EEE! AHH!OOH! (Let's see if I can fix this math...carry the 3, convert this to decimal, multiply by 200, destroy this piece of chalk...there! I think we're ready..)

Alright! Let's go!

*presses button* BEEP! WHIRRRRR!

*Traveling through time...*

Computer user: HEY! I get up to get a cup of coffee and someone gets into my computer! WHO DID IT!!??

Part 7[edit source]

The original Part 7 image
The Copper Fish image from Part 7

Part 7 was written by JackyBorderCollie on a normal paper.

*Time machine falls*

umm... where are we now?

OOHIAH?! AAH! (what in the mifernites?! we're on paper!)


OOOOH! (yes, we are!)

But how?! I thought that we can travel only through Windows!

OOOH UHH (papers were before windows, so...)

There's the Time Machine!

OOH IAH! (let's go then!)


Random 4th grader: HEYY! THAT'S MY PAPER FOR HOMEWORK!!!

Part 8[edit source]

The original Part 8 image

Part 8 was written by JackyBorderCollie in Windows 95

*Time machine fells from the sky*


OOOH UHHH (where are we now)

I don't know, but it looks more, uhh, new.

OOH UUH IIH (yes, it sure does)

I guess we are in the future! We did it!

OOH VOH AAHUOH (nope, this is windows 95)

Come on! Why can't we just get to the future!

OOH OOOH IIIOOOHHH (i don't know but we need to get out)

Copper Fish, do you see that? It looks like some story.


"This is a story I've written for a project in school"

Wow. Copper Fish, do you know how old is the person who wrote the story?

OOH OOH IOOH (no, i don't)

Aww man.

OOH OOH ITIH AAH OOH! OOH! OOOHH! (we need to repair the time machine! quick! find some parts or anything that could repair the time machine!)

Alright, I guess we need a wrench.

OOH? OOH IOOH?! (a wrench? dude are you serious?!)

Yes, I am. Look! We need to use the wrench here. Look! There it is!

OOH OH OOKOOH (alright alright okay then)

I'll go to the Toolbox. Yes! I found the wrench!

OOIAAH! (pog!)

Let's do it? Aaand... There! It's done!

OOH OOH YEEEH!!! (let's now go to the future, yayy!!!)


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